Dog Groomer - Mobile Pet Grooming CA:: Mobile Pet Groomer In California

Dog groomer - Mobile Pet Grooming CA:: Mobile Pet Groomer in California

If you are a dog owner then you know that grooming is very important if your dog is to remain healthy and happy; especially if your dog has a lot of hair. Many toy breeds, like Shih-Tzu’s and Poodles, require regular grooming. If you avoid regular grooming for these dogs, then you will end up with a matted dog that is no longer cute and fluffy. Because regular grooming is so important many dog owners have turned to mobile grooming because it fits in with their busy schedules.

Mobile grooming is when a professional affordable pet grooming near me comes to the dog owner, instead of the dog owner bringing their pet to an established salon. Mobile grooming offers the pet owner the convenience of not having to drive to a salon, deal with their pet in the car, and having to deal with the stress of grooming salons.

There are two different forms of mobile grooming: "In-Home," or "House call" Grooming, and Mobile Van Grooming. Both of these forms provide dog grooming services at the dog owner's home or office.

With "In-Home" Grooming, the professional dog groomer visits the client's home and performs the groom inside the home. They generally use the bathtub when bathing the dog, unless the owner prefers to bathe the dog beforehand. The groomer brings all the supplies and equipment and grooms in the dog's familiar environment. Many dog owners enjoy being near their dog while he or she is being groomed. Many dogs enjoy being in their own environment as well; no new smells or scary van equipment for them to deal with. Less fear for the dog means any easier groom for the groomer and the dog being groomed.

Grooming performed in a mobile van is very popular as well. These groomers are able to drive their "pet salon on wheels" and travel to pet owner's homes or office. These vans are equipped with a tub, dryer, grooming table, and all the other equipment that is required to groomed pets. Some groomers even use trailers that are towed by a truck or van and these trailers can stand alone when parked. There are many different van models available to pet groomers who wish to go mobile. Mobile Van groomers enjoy the fact that everything they need to groom a pet is right there in their vehicle. Mobile Van grooming is great for pet owners who wish to have everything done at their home but wish to have the grooming services performed inside the pet groomer's van.






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