Full-Service Pet Grooming,Professional Dog Grooming CA - Mobile Pet Spa

Full-Service Pet Grooming,Professional Dog Grooming CA - Mobile Pet Spa

Full-Service Pet Grooming,Professional Dog Grooming CA - Mobile Pet Spa

We use only nontoxic natural products. Our shampoos and conditioners are soft on your pet’s coat and skin, whether we carefully lather the coat or giving your dog or a cat skunk baths. Mobile Pet Spa, one of not many companies that do groom cats. We do lion cuts, nail trimming, de matting. We use special size blades in the manner that will not injure your cat or a dog, and smoothly take out layers of hair, giving your pet a great professional look they deserve.                                                                                                                                                               

We know how to handle cats, and deal with them for a long time. Mobile Pet Spa, employs professionals, who know their craft a, d are animal lovers. Our pet grooming service is considered the best company in Los Angeles, and for that matter in California. You tell us what you mobile dog grooming van need, and we will do it. Mobile Pet Spa grooms big or extra size dogs as well, but we make friends with those dogs even before we start grooming, making ourselves familiar, and slow approaching rescued dogs, which might be aggressive or resistant. Our staff will be available as your only groomer, so your pet is used to the same person for years! Our vans are well equipped, with air conditioners, hot and cold water, work table, gentle restraints, dull edge scissors, clean towels and loving hands. Mobile Pet Spa does not use cheap fragrant shampoos that other groomers use, so neither you nor your pet will show any signs of allergies.

One of the ways to groom your pet at the convenience of your home is to hire your local pet groomer. The best ones on wheels, with warm water, clippers, trimmers, organic shampoos and conditioners. The state-of-the-art mobile grooming facilities, mobile pet groomers provide a deluxe spa treatment for your dogs and cats. Even small puppies are allowed, as well as older pets  The mobile units  are specially converted for your pets, and include a tub, hot water, the most modern grooming equipment, and, of course, an air conditioning and heating system so that your pets are always comfortable.

Groomers provide your pets with stress-free, one-on-one pampering, unlike PETCO and PetSmart (most of them don’t do cats or perform skilled services) the best are expert groomers and “real” animal lovers, will guide you to the right approach. It is professional grooming self-contained in a custom van that arrives at your door to take care of your pet’s grooming needs. Mobile pet grooming is preferred by most of today’s busy pet owners. The convenience for you and the exclusive attention for your pet make it desirable to use a mobile grooming service. Our mobile salon is completely equipped to afford you the utmost in service.  A hot water heater ensures the perfect bath temperature and a therapeutic bathing system cleans and soothes your pet.

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